Course Description:

This course builds on and refines the fundamental skills acquired in the Diploma of Business, so that students have a more in depth understanding of key business areas. Students will develop the skills required to facilitate/ coordinate the following core organisational functions: marketing, finance, change management, corporate communications and organisational leadership. The competencies acquired in this course will enable students to work in a wide range of industries and organisations. The Advanced Diploma of Business will also provide students with a defined pathway to undergraduate level studies at most Australian universities which offer Business Degree programs.

Installment Plan:

8 Instalments (Every 10 weeks)


20 hours/week
Specific days will be advised during orientation

Required training may be up to 1200 hours

Resource Fees:


Tuition Fees:


Entry Requirements:

A diploma (or higher qualification) in a closely related area / at least 3 years of experience in a commercial situation at a senior support or technical role


Normal mode: 96 weeks
(90 study week + 6 weeks break)
Four Semesters

Hello Agent:

BSBINN601 – Lead and Manage Organisational Change
BSBMKG605 – Evaluate International Marketing Opportunities
BSBMKG607 – Manage Market Research
BSBMKG608 – Develop Organisational Marketing Objectives
BSBINM601 – Manage Knowledge and Information
BSBADV602 – Develop an Advertising Campaign
BSBFIM601 – Manage Finances
BSBSUS501 – Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability

Assessment Methods:

  • Reports
  • Interviews
  • Role playing
  • Case studies
  • Group projects
  • Observations
  • Presentations
  • Problem solving

Employment Opportunities:

  • Senior Administrator
  • Senior Executive