Course Variation Form

This form should only be completed by students of Kingston International College.

1. This form should be used to:

  1. change of current courses to new courses;
  2. withdraw/cancel current course or subsequent courses;
  3. defer current course on grounds of compassionate and compelling circumstances (e.g. bereavement of close family members, serious illness or injury etc.)
  4. suspend student due to misconduct or misbehavior.

2. You are not able to apply for a course variation unless you have valid reasons with strong supporting evidence to support the request. It is not sufficient to provide only a personal statement outlining your special circumstances.

Examples of supporting documentations may include:

Medical reasons – a statement from a doctor stating

  1. The date your condition began or changed
  2. How the condition affected your ability to study and
  3. When it became apparent that you could not continue with your studies.

Employment-related – a statement from your employer stating:

  1. Your current work hours and location; and
  2. The reason for changed hours and location

Visa processing or visa refused – a letter from Dept of Immigration Border and Protection (DIBP) on the visa refusal or documents to support the inability to begin studying on the course commencement date.

3.You are not able to request for change of enrolment after your course has commenced. This is considered a cancellation of a course and re-enrolment, with you subject to cancellation fees as per College refund policy. Special considerations may be granted to resume the course if adequate evidence exists to support compassionate and compelling circumstances.

4.Submitting an application does not automatically mean that it will be granted. Any incomplete/inaccurate information provided in the form will not be processed by the College.

5.This variation may affect your student visa (if applicable) and you should inform DIBP when the revised Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is sent to you on the course variation.

6.A Letter of Release will only be issued upon request when the application is approved for withdrawal/cancellation variation.

7.All terms and conditions (includes College refund policy) for course variation applies as per your original enrolment. 1st change to the original CoE issued will be free but subsequent variation to the CoE will incur a penalty of $100 per change.

(Note: The $100 payment has to be made within 3 days upon approval of the request. The request will be treated as closed if no payment is received.)

Bank Details:

Kingston International College Pty Ltd

ANZ Bank

BSB: 016-185,

Account No: 108462792


8.Your request for change of course variation may result a change in the installment plan (if any) and onus is on you to be aware of the change and no signature/acknowledgement is required for the change. Any change of course price will be stated in the revised Letter of Offer. Any request for change of course variation after your course has commenced, the installment plan (if any) remains unchanged as per your original installment plan worked out.

9.You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application within 7 working days of your completed application being received by the College. If the application is unsuccessful and you are able to provide new or additional information/documentation in support of your application, then that information/documentation should be submitted within the next 7 working days of receiving notification of the outcome of your original application. New information submitted will be considered alongside the original application and a new determination will be made.