Course Description:

Graduating from this course, you will have attained two qualifications:

Professional Diploma of Digital Marketing (Non Australian VET Accredited Course And Award)
The Professional Diploma of Digital Marketing provides students with an in-depth and comprehensive overview of the essentials of digital marketing, including: search engine marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, digital strategy and planning, data analytics and much more.

But how is it different from the hundreds of other programs available? Well in summary, the Professional Diploma of Digital Marketing stands apart from the rest because it has been validated by the world’s leading digital brands, such as: Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft through an iterative industry advisory process.

Which means that you’ll be on the cutting-edge of industry developments and your credentials will be globally recognised within the industry – from Japan to Mauritius and from Malaysia to Australia. The results speak for themselves: approximately 74% of Professional Diploma of Digital Marketing graduates are currently employed in digital marketing roles!

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (Australian VET Accredited Course And Award)
This course builds on and refines the fundamental skills acquired in the Diploma of Leadership and Management. While the Diploma of Leadership and Management prepares students for managing small teams, the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management prepares students for managing large teams, or entire organisations. Students will learn to prepare budgets, develop marketing plans, manage organisation wide changes and plan strategically for long term organisational success.

Installment Plan:

Normal mode: 8 Instalments (Every 10 weeks)
Fast track: 4 Instalments (Every 8 weeks)


2 days OR 4 half-days/week +Independent Learning
Specific days will be advised during orientation

Required training may be up to 1200 hours

Resource Fees:

Normal mode: $510
Fast track: $510

Specialisation Fees:


Tuition Fees:

Normal mode: $10,300
Fast track: $6,000

Entry Requirements:

  • IELTS 6.0 overall (or equivalent)
  • Any Diploma (or higher) business qualification OR 3 years of experience in a commercial situation at a senior support or technical role
  • CV submission and an interview are required prior to commencement and issuance of CoE
  • Fast track is only available to those who have previous qualification and experience approved by KIC.


Normal mode: 98 weeks
(90 study week + 8 weeks break)
Four Semester
(Not inclusive of unstructured training activities)

Fast track: 42 weeks
(34 study week + 8 weeks break)
Two semesters

Professional Diploma of Digital Marketing Content:

KGI-VET-PKG-01 – Introduction to Digital Marketing
KGI-VET-PKG-02 – Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
KGI-VET-PKG-03 – Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
KGI-VET-PKG-04 – Digital Display Advertising
KGI-VET-PKG-05 – Email Marketing
KGI-VET-PKG-06 – Social Media Marketing 1
KGI-VET-PKG-07 – Social Media Marketing 2
KGI-VET-PKG-08 – Mobile Marketing
KGI-VET-PKG-09 – Analytics
KGI-VET-PKG-10 – Strategy & Planning

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management Content:

BSBINN601 – Lead and Manage Organisational Change
BSBMGT605 – Provide Leadership Across the Organisation
BSBMGT617 – Develop and Implement a Business Plan
BSBFIM601 – Manage Finances
BSBSUS501 – Develop Workplace Policy and Procedure for Sustainability
BSBMGT608 – Manage Innovation and Continuous Improvement
BSBMGT616 – Develop and Implement Strategic Plans
BSBMKG609 – Develop a Marketing Plan
BSBRSK501 – Manage Risk
BSBHRM602 – Manage Human Resources Strategic Planning
BSBMGT615 – Contribute to Organisation Development
BSBDIV601 – Develop and Implement Diversity Policy

Assessment Methods:

  • Computerised MCQ Exam
  • Reports
  • Interviews
  • Role playing
  • Case studies
  • Group projects
  • Observations
  • Presentations
  • Problem solving

Employment Opportunities:

  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Digital Marketing Officer
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Business Manager
  • Leadership and Management Consultant