Expert training the key to success

Young people are doing it tough right now. Many are struggling to get a job or keep a job. With the myriad of choices on offer these days, young people are struggling to choose and specialise.
Around 12.5 per cent of 15 to 24 year olds in Australia are unemployed, more than double the general rate. And, in times of a weaker economy such as now, the unskilled and less experienced ones are the first out the door.
They are also finding it hard to make the leap from full-time education to employment, with only 70 per cent of university graduates in 2017 securing a full-time job within four months of graduating.

One of the reasons for this is that graduates choose degrees that don’t offer the skills on demand. This means there’s never been a stronger argument for industry-relevant vocational educational and training (VET).
Kingston International College, in the central Perth suburb of Highgate, has become one of Australia’s leading providers in VET. With a focus on innovation and meeting current and emerging industry trends, Kingston constantly adapts and reviews the way that courses are delivered.

Kingston’s director Paul Tan is aware that it’s never been tougher for young people entering the workforce.
“Students come to us with an idea of their aspirations but are not always well informed about their options and planning their job pathway correctly.” he says. “In today’s economic climate and speed of change, you have to not only develop an expertise but also a broad knowledge set.”

Kingston counsels the students in achieving their goals and with industry relevant training. Kingston sources the majority of its trainers from their industries of expertise rather than teacher training colleges. This gives Kingston students an edge with access to years of real-world experience and valuable contacts.

“Our trainers are still engaged in the workforce so they are up to date with what’s happening,” says Mr Tan, who himself has 20 years experience in private equity and venture capital.

An example of Kingston’s difference is that students are encouraged to write practical project proposals, which they will be able to implement in their chosen field after they graduate.

Kingston specialises in English as a foreign language, Christian Ministry, digital marketing, hospitality, childcare and business – which takes in many subjects including international trade, leadership management, ministry, investments, finance, M&A, venture capital and private equity.

Across Kingston’s 450 students there are over 50 nationalities.
“This creates a melting pot of talent, perspectives and cultures,” says Mr Tan, “as well as a rich pool of localised knowledge that can be tapped into to formulate global business models.”

On graduation, a profile is created for each student so the college can track their development and inspire current students.
Kingston’s success rate is high: 85 per cent of graduates move into a successful career in their industry of choice, says Mr Tan.
“We are an innovative, passionate and inspirational college preparing students to be industry ready,” he says. “Sourcing trainers with expertise pays off.”
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